Episode 62

Published on:

13th Nov 2020

Gerard Manley Hopkins, "Hurrahing in Harvest"

Gerard Manley Hopkins' gorgeous sonnet "Hurrahing in Harvest" is a testament to the way language itself remakes the world--in Hopkins' case, infusing it with the stuff of divinity. Join me, Mark Scarbrough, on this episode of LYRIC LIFE in which I look over this beautiful piece of nineteenth-century poetry--and grant you permission to hoard as many books as you like.

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Join me, Mark Scarbrough, on this bookmarked journey through some of the best lyric poetry in English . I've got a passion for small, evocative poems. I'd like to share that with out--as well as those poems, of course! Together, we'll encounter the core things that make us human: love, the inner life, the emotions, our notion of purpose, and our relationship with the natural world around us. Join me. We humans are made for each other!

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